Created to enhance libido & mood, this "love potion" oil blend also contains ingredients which calm anxiety & nerves while moisturizing skin with all natural pure distilled essential oils & cold pressed carrier oils like Coconut, Almond, Sage, Geranium, Ylang-Ylang & Cardamom oils with Cocoa butter blended in as an extra added skin & mood booster!  Use as a daytime perfume, a night on the town or as a sleep aide in the evening.  Also makes a great deodorant/Detox.


Full spectrum hemp oil + Black Pepper & Clove Bud Extracts may be added to this product.


Available in amber glass bottles in 10, 15, 30, 60 & 120 ml sizes in spray, roller or dropper.


Ingredients: Coconut, Almond, Sage, Geranium, Ylang-Ylang & Cardamom cold pressed & pure distilled essential oils; Cocoa Butter.


To search for other oil blends like this use key words "Libido" or "Anxiety". Check out other top selling oil blends like: "Sexual Healing", "Egyptian Musk", "Summer Breeze" & "Moon Dance" just to name a few. 

Love Potion #8 - Libido / Aphrodisiac Oil Blend

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